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Introducing the unorganized hospitality sector

It is so difficult to define this sector, it is large and the definitions of an operator here keeps changing and growing. There are accommodation units, logistics, experience providers, food & beverage units, adventure service providers, online travel portals and many more, under each of these will be many variations and each of this variation would be employing a significant number of people directly and indirectly. Those employed can be further classified into skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workforce. So many layers make it extremely difficult to formalize.

In this large sector there is a constant churn happening. After gaining experience many try their hand at entrepreneurship or grow within their domain. Many also move from destination to destination. This gives space for new entrants to get experience and grow. Many also fall out of this sector, marriage is a big factor in people dropping out of this industry. Odd working hours, irregular leaves and all the major festivals and holidays are when the demand is at its peak keeping you away from family celebrations are all not desirable. This is the reason that this sector attracts the young.

When you are young, this sector is a blessing, a glamourous job, the option to travel to different destinations while earning decently and gaining experience is attractive for the youth.

This sector also has a huge impact on the indirect job creation. When a restaurant or a hotel starts in your neighborhood, it needs so many vendors, vegetable and fruits, fish and meat, groceries, laundry, cleaning supplies, kitchen equipment, carpenters, plumbers, ac technicians the list is endless.

Koshhish is our effort to understand our own sector a little bit more. We are speaking to many stakeholders from your waiter to the barman to first time entrepreneurs. The personal stories and struggles are fascinating and inspiring. We are learning so much and hope to untangle the various aspects of the unorganized hospitality sector for you.

Stay tuned, we will try to post one article by the end of every month. Churning content in this subject is deeply satisfying because it is challenging. We hope to bring the human stories that are hidden behind.

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