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Economic & Social Imbalances triggering migration patterns

In our pursuit to understand more about the humans in the hospitality industry we are learning so much about policies and how politics and various other cultural factors impact and trigger migration and in the choices of many to join the hospitality industry.

Kerala's polity of various governments over the decades emphasized on education and skill development which created a large educated work force looking for growth and jobs to match their education. The same politics, policies and collective will of the society that lead the way in literacy and health care however could not create an ecosystem for entrepreneurship. A thriving business environment would have generated jobs for the educated masses.

The absence of opportunities and jobs triggered a migration pattern to the middle east in particular. This migration lead to prosperity with remittances booming in Kerala. The economy and the spending power here were increasing which generated many small businesses like cafes, restaurants, hotels, retail outlets etc. to mushroom all across the state. These small businesses needed a large semi skilled work force on lower pay. There were very less takers from Kerala for this type of jobs.

This triggered another set of migration, this time from the eastern part of India. Here the apathy in policies and politics did not educate or skill its youth. A large unskilled workforce found semi skilled jobs in the hospitality sector in Kerala where a booming remittance driven economy needed them as the educated Malayalee preffered other opportunities overseas.

Here we can see how politics and policies of 2 regions have triggered migration. The youth of Bengal and Orrisa find growth and opportunities in distant Kerala, while the youth of Kerala work on higher wages and better jobs in the middle east.

The Hospitality industry is one of the largest employers and this sector has the largest indirect employment opportunities. Koshhish is our effort to understand this industry and the people behind it better.

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