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Challenges of starting up a new restaurant

A restaurant project mostly gets conceptualized from passion, drive and a desire to tell your story through a dining experiences. A successful restaurant are the ones whose vision is rooted in reality, which comes with experience but many a times It is the journey from idealism to realism. From wanting to start something new and refreshing that challenges the conventions to falling for standard market traps of trends, what sells and set menus. This is mostly true when you are starting up with limited resources of funds. The pressures of daily overheads, compliances, expenses get to you. One tries to shield the passion and creativity from all this but you need to be resilient to tied over the initial phase.

The single most critical part of this project is the team, A team that is invested in this vision and believes in it deeply. Blessed are entrepreneurs that have found this team, they go a long way to create something totally meaningful, long-lasting and successful. The evolution of such teams need to be studied to understand mastery in this field. How is the formal education system of hotel management orienting the youth towards understanding this dynamic ? We need to rethink education in hotel management to factor these aspects of an Industry that is everchanging now more than ever with technology and AI. There need to be studies on the formation and evolution of high performance teams and the dynamics between members that contribute towards a successful project. There also needs to be studies and analysis on the reasons behind why so many restaurant projects fall apart and don't function to their full potential.

Koshhish is our endeavor to understand more about the people behind the hospitality industry, the challenges they face and their aspirations. This monthly blog is an effort to understand more about our own industry and to tell the stories of the people that are unseen and unheard.

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