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About Excursions 

Our expertise is developing special interest tours. We have experience in developing tours around architecture, culinary arts and political history over the past decade. Excursions are short visits that range from a couple of hours to half day intensive sessions to full day or multiple day workshops specially curated around an area of interest of the visiting guests. Like our itineraries and packages all our excursions are finalized on a consultative process with your team as every groups requirements are different. 


Interactive sessions and talks with 

  • Leading architects

  • Chefs & culinary professionals

  • Artists

  • Designers

  • Journalists

  • Citizen groups

  • NGO

This is designed thoughtfully considering the itinerary and schedule in the context of the area of interest and the larger agenda of the guest. Our team will take care of all the coordination, appointment and permissions for this visit


Permission and appointments to visit 

  • An architect's office

  • An Industrial kitchen

  • Boutique resorts, cafes

  • Breweries

  • Workshops, factories

  • Bakeries, local and industrial

Visiting interesting spaces is an important part of a special interest itinerary. We plan visits with permissions and appointments in advance. Our teams responsibility is in the coordination of the time and taking all necessary permissions. 


Half day, full day and multiple workshops for

  • Settlement studies and documentation of buildings or precincts or villages

  • Heritage walks, farm walks and visits 

  • Bio diversity workshops with environmentalists

  • Mud construction

  • Art Mediation

  • Culinary trails 

  • Market studies

  • Bartending workshops

Planning and organizing workshops needs coordination on multiple levels. Let our team take this responsibility we first curate the content in consultation with your team and the guests, later we take all necessary permissions, appointments with resource person, procurement of materials if any etc. 

Important Points

  • Please do get in touch with us to curate a special interest excursion for your group. Most of these excursions are developed from scratch depending on the agenda of the visit and the interest area of the group

  • Most of these visits are possible for a minimum of 10 guests and a maximum of 60 guests

  • We work on a per guest pricing and the pricing depends on various factors which varies from case to case basis

  • All honorarium, material cost, venue charges, admin charges (if any) will be as per actual. 

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