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Curated Architectural tours and workshops


“Balcao is the most important feature of the Goan house and resembles a porch and function as an outdoor living space with stone benches to sit down and catch the breeze while watching the world to go by.

Curated Culinary tours and Tourism workshops


"A complex combination of spices that hits all the sensory notes, made with love and a lot of time. This local specialty is an art and a science and not easy to master. Our curated itinerary and travel program a similar and complex experience that unravels itself

Curated Tours on Political History of Goa


"An acronym used locally translating to What's news. A journey into Goa to understand it from the prism of it's politics. The past and how the past has influenced the present and what our actions will impact the future. Goa and it's many facets from the first European colony in Asia to statehood and being only the 2nd non congress state in Independent India. 

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