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Our Story

“Travel is a Learning Process” - Philosophy

As much fun & relaxing it can be, there is always a take back from each destination. Many a times while on a holiday the learning is on a subconscious level, it is fascinating to learn how various cultures have expressed themselves through cuisine, music, architecture etc. In these expressions lies deep learning for all of us. Through exploring destinations from these perspectives we could unearth various facets of history, geography, local sciences and even ourselves.

Indigo Holidays - We do what we do best

As a travel collaborator our principle responsibility is to make sure that we understand guests requirements and plan holidays and itineraries accordingly. Our expertise is in our knowledge of destinations which is enhanced with a reliable network of service providers. With Indigo Holidays you can be assured to get honest, sincere service with a smile. Right from the beginning and through the holiday our centre of focus would be you OUR GUEST 

Our story - Time line

2003 | Founding year, the journey begins with customized holiday packages to holiday destinations in India

2006 | We introduce international destinations with holiday packages overseas to South East Asia and Europe

2008 | Diversifies to Architectural tours with the launch of Indigo Interactives, started with tours exclusively for students

2014 | Bridgetown Hospitality private limited is formed as a parent company to brands Indigo Holidays and Indigo Interactives

2018 | Indigo Holidays starts operations as a destination management company for the west coast of India with focus on Goa


2020 | In the post pandemic era Indigo Holidays envisages itself to be a 100% B2B Company, Our services are exclusively for our partners and travel agents in India and around the world.

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