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Day 01 | Arrival, Check in, Orientation

Welcome, your stay is at a heritage hotel in the heart of Panjim and one of Goa’s most iconic areas and definitely the most photographed. Fontinhas is home to narrow streets steeped in history that adds to its vibe and charm, walk past white washed chappels, goan mansions, old bakeries and bars. Check in to Panjim Inn. Once you have settled in, meet up with the group and a short orientation to the schedule of the next 3 days followed by drinks and dinner. Overnight stay


Day 02 | Colonisation to Opinion poll

Breakfast at the hotel, we take you to Old Goa, the first place in Asia to fall under European rule. Here we have curated half a day’s walk and interactive session with historians. You will understand the circumstances under which Europeans established themselves and their growth, their agenda of religious conversion and their politics. Later lunch at a local restaurant and return to hotel for an interactive session with Jack Sukhija about the single most important event in the formation of Goa, the opinion poll. The only instance in India’s history where a referendum was held. The story of how Goa retained its identity and its implications to the present day. Post dinner we take you through a tavern trail of Goa, hop from one local bar to another, meeting and unwinding with the locals, overnight stay


Day 03 | Formation of Panjim to the politics of restoring one of Goa’s oldest forts

Breakfast at the hotel, exploration of Fontinhas and Panjim through a walk that takes you into the circumstances under which the capital was shifted from Old Goa to Panjim, the politics of its time and the plan of the grand new city. For lunch we take you into a Goan house, complete with a live musician to serenade you through the experience. After a relaxing lunch visit to Reis Magos fort, this fort was restored in 2008 but not without its share of controversy. An interactive session with Ar.Gerrard Da Cunha to understand the whole process of restoring one of Goa’s oldest pre portuguese era forts will be your gateway to understand the present day political scenario. Post the interactive session, visit the fort. Return to the hotel. During dinner we introduce you to Cecile Rodrigues, she will speak of her journey as an activist and a young politician, her experience of electoral politics and her understanding of Goa and its challenges.


Day 04 | About a revolt and an artists take on the Politics of his motherland

Breakfast at the hotel, this day we drive to the south of Goa to Cuncolim. Following the conquest of Goa, it was the mandate of the Portuguese to spread christianity. The strategies used by the local administration to implement this mandate was brutal and inhuman. Cuncolim bears testimony to one of the most violent conflicts between the locals and its new rulers. At Cuncolim we have a curated walk to take you through the events of July 1583. Later lunch and drive back to North Goa for a visit to MOG - Museum of Goa. Founded by Dr.Subodh Kerkar the museum is a celebration of Goa and it’s people through contemporary art. Visit the lovely spaces and exhibits and later have a talk with Dr.Subodh Kerkar about the artists perspective of the current political scenario of Goa. Later return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay 


Day 05 | Check out

Breakfast at the hotel and check out and for the last visit and session we take you to the Legislative assembly of Goa. A guided walk through the power corridors of Goa. Experience the assembly while the marshals explain the workings of the assembly and the powers each citizen has in a vibrant democracy. Later proceed with your onward journey.

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